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The Old Town Centre District committee

We are citizens who live and work in the old town. We do volunteer work for our district and are contact persons for everyone who lives and/or works in this district. We interact with the municipal administration, bringing up issues, and developing suggestions for action. Each part of the district is represented by at least one  district councillor. The district council has eleven members.   Contact persons for property owners and residents in our neighbourhood are Enrico Breveglieri (via dell Corse) Karoline Fuchs (via delle Corse) Carmen Trojer (Portici) Cesare Moderno (Corso della Libertà, via Galilei, via Cassa di Risparmio)   Contact persons for professional firms and service providers RA DDr. Ernst Rauch  Arch. Stefan Palla   Contact persons for gastronomy, accommodation and tourist facilities  Lydia Benedetti, Rennweg 114 Apartments Sarah Perathoner, Cafe Central Carmen Egger, Cafe Maria   Contact persons for traders and craftsmen Alberto Malinverno - Auron Sas (Corso della Libertà, via Galilei, via Cassa di Risparmio) Karoline Fuchs - pasticceria, panetteria Fuchs/Preiss (via delle Corse, Portici) Lydia Benedetti - Temposarystore (via delle Corse) Carmen Trojer (Portici) Tel. +39 351 8803136   +39 351 8803136 +39 350 5327792

We thank you for your donations, that we need to maintain the website!

Donations account: IT21U0811258591000303288048